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Meet Your Team

This group is ready to answer any question you have and provide top quality customer service every time you call, email, or visit. Need to make changes to an account? Great, we can handle that. Looking for a collection agency but have some questions? Great, we can handle that too.

And here's the best part: all three are here for you. We give you a primary point of contact but in the event you need someone else, they're ready and here for you too.

Client Access Web

Utilized by established clients, Client Access Web gives you access to everything 24/7. You can quickly update an account, correct information, post a payment and more with this handy portal.

What We Do

Account recovery via traditional methods including:

  • Mailed notices
  • Online bill pay
  • Live call center agents

Specialized methods utilized for account categories including:

  • Disputes
  • Insurance & Workers’ Compensation
  • Attorney Involvement
  • Bankruptcy
  • Low Income Assist
  • Legal Accounts

Our Methodology

We understand that as your partner, we are viewed as an extension of your brand. We place high importance on protecting your reputation by excelling with our customer service and practicing strict adherence to compliant collection methodologies.

Accounts Loaded

Once you have provided us with the accounts qualifying for bad debt, we load them into our system to begin working them. They will first receive a validation notice via mail informing them that their account has been placed with a collection agency. Ten days after the notice has been sent, we make our first call to attempt to collect the bad debt.

Payment Options

We offer several methods to help the responsible parties make payments in manners most convenient for them. We Visa and Mastercard debit cards as well as checks by phone or via our online portal. Automatic bank draft plans can be set up to help avoid missing payments. We also provide the option to make cash payments to our friendly receptionist at our location in Athens. Our collection representatives are trained to understand they are a direct reflection of our client’s brands and should act as such.

Special Circumstances

Account recovery is not always a straightforward process and we have a team in place to make sure we can handle accounts in the most ethical ways possible. Our Compliance Department is skilled in dealing with accounts that have insurance, workers’ compensation, attorney involvement, bankruptcy, low income assistance, and even accounts being disputed.

Credit Reporting and Legal

Even though we provide the utmost customer care possible, sometimes the inevitable happens: credit reporting and legal measures. We understand circumstances may complicate responsible party payment, however when a debt is true and owed, we do utilize credit reporting and legal avenues to maximize our client recovery rates.

Payment Options

CSA will efficiently and professionally increase your cash flow by focusing on all past due accounts. Our software provides insights to be able to reach more people, maximize productivity, and increase revenue. And the best part? We don’t charge a dime unless we collect for you!

Accounts can be processed manually, electronically, or via magnetic media. Consumers are welcome to visit us in person or online to make a check, debit card or cash payment and set up a payment plan with any of those payment forms. We offer phone assistance for one-time payments. Additionally, we understand that not all balances can be resolved in a single payment and strive to find the payment plan solution that works for both your consumer and our client.


CSA has state and national affiliations with ACA International, Georgia Collectors Association and the Oconee Chamber of Commerce. We are PCI and HIPAA compliant and have been tested in several security areas and passed at ISO standards levels. We also pride ourself on maintaining an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We also work tirelessly to ensure our team is current with all state and federal laws and regulations that govern the Accounts Recovery Managment Industry. We adhere to FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA, NACHA, and Regulation E guidelines and constantly review our processes and teams to ensure full compliance with these areas.